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March 13th, 2010

We are making progress …

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[olimometer id=1] As an Indie filmmaker, it is exceptionally difficult to raise money for our project — to say nothing of finding the proper channels for distribution and the most effective means of marketing what is, for all intents and purposes, our vision for the future of Karl May’s iconic characters. One only needs to read the various forums to understand that a fan base for our project exists, but, as is often the case, the loudest voices are those that gain the most attention and the loudest are unfortunately those who doubt that a new vision for Winnetou will ever get off the ground.We, at Winnetou Productions, do however have a different opinion. We know Karl May’s history and we know how often his detractors attempted to crush him during his lifetime – and yet he never gave up. He fought the battles and was victorious. His books and stories have survived for more than a hundred years and they continue to inspire young and old to this very day.

To those who doubt that a new film will see the light of day, we remind you in Karl May’s style that there is a saying: “Victory is a matter of staying power.”

Date Activity
02/22/2010 Winnetou Productions met with Russell Means regarding “The Winnetou Movie” project.
03/07/2010 The initial version of the film script is complete. The script is based on Victor Epp’s translation of “Winnetou I”, which in turn is based on Karl May’s original work.
03/10/2010 Nemsi Books and Little Spirit Products agree to sponsor “The Winnetou Movie” Project and will offer special discount pricing on their products to members commensurate with their membership status.
03/13/2010 Winnetou Production begins its membership drive.
03/28/2010 First draft of Winnetou II film script is complete. The script is based on Victor Epp’s translation of “Winnetou II”, which in turn is based on Karl May’s original work.
03/29/2010 Meeting with the Aberdeen Area Arts Council.
04/04/2010 Engraved Henry Big Boy .44 MAG SPL Rifle Raffle begins.
04/05/2010 Meeting with Pierpont Town Council regarding fund raising efforts.
05/14/2010 to 05/16/2010 Attended Black Hills Film Festival.
06/07/2010 to 06/13/2010 Attended Sundance 2010.
07/17/2010 to 07/18/2010 Pierpont Bike Ralley Fund Raising Breakfast.
01/26/2011 Nemsi Books and Winnetou Productions file to cancel the Winnetou  Trademark.
03/31/2011 Karl May USA Inc. et al files Civil Action for Trademark Infringement against Nemsi Books et al.
05/26/2011 Defendants file Counterclaim (see Document 10)
06/08/2011 to 06/14/2011 Attended Sundance 2011
10/21/2011 Nemsi Books and Winnetou Productions oppose Shatterhand Trademark application by Karl May USA Inc.
10/31/2011 Nemsi Books and Winnetou Productions oppose Old Shatterhand Trademark application by Karl May USA Inc.
03/09/2012 Federal Civil Court of California accepts Karl May USA Inc.’s Voluntary Dismissal. (see Document 28)
05/23/2012 Tommy Menard of Eon Sound expressed an interest to develop new music for the Winnetou – The Beginning
06/11/2012 to 06/20/2012 Attended Sundance 2012
07/03/2012 Remaining Plaintiff files Stipulation to Dismiss Case. (see Document 58)
08/03/2012 Trademark Trial and Appeal Board issues ruling on Karl May USA’s motion to dismiss. Nemsi Books may file Amended Pleading.
08/13/2012 Nemsi Books files Amended Pleading opposing Shatterhand and Old Shatterhand trademark.
08/21/2012 Luck Films expresses interest in co-producing the Winnetou Movie
08/28/2012 Sean Vasquez expresses interest in playing the role of Metan-Akva
08/31/2012 Tatanka Means expresses interest in playing the role of Winnetou
09/01/2012 Business Plan, Budget and Treatment completed
09/10/2012 David S. Cass Sr. expresses interest in directing Winnetou – The Beginning
09/12/2012 Rene Haynes expresses interest in the role of Casting Director
09/13/2012 Kerry Wallum expresses interest in playing the role of Dick Stone
09/14/2012 Russell Means expresses interest in playing the role of Intshu-tshuna
09/22/2012 Steve Howell expresses interest in the role of Cinematographer
09/23/2012 Cathy Smith expresses interest in the role of Costume Designer
09/27/2012 to 09/30/2012 Attended Aberdeen Film Festival, meeting with Graham Green
10/06/2012 Meeting with Rene Haynes on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
11/10/2012 to 11/14/2012 Location scouting in Arizona
12/28/2012 USPTO issues Notice of Default, allowing Karl May USA 30 days to respond as to why default judgement should not be entered (See: Notice of Default)
01/09/2013 to 01/11/2013 Location scouting at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota
02/04/2013 Nemsi Books demands immediate cancellation of Old Shatterhand trademark application. (See: Paper received at TTAB)
03/20/2013 Eon Sounds delivers Music tracks.
05/01/2013 to 05/05/2013 Attended Black Hills Film Festival
05/05/2013 Meeting with Producer/Actress Angelic Midthunder
06/27/2013 Donna Lassiter Balsz joins the team as Assistant to Executive Producer Angelia Baldwin
06/29/2013 Michael Walters expressed an interest in Directing the film
07/03/2013 Meeting with South Dakota Film Office
09/10/2013 Meeting with Cody Jones
10/06/2013 to 10/12/2013 Location scouting in the Black Hills with Director of Photography Steven Howell and Heimo Ritzinger – attended private VIP Press Preview of the 48th bison round-up in Custer State Park.
11/19/2013 Meeting with Terfloth German and Canadian owner/manager of Winnetou food brand
11/20/2013 Meeting with Wyoming Film Office
11/24/2013 Scouting trailers uploaded to YouTube
12/01/2013 Meeting with Ken Jones, Head of Art Department
12/07/2013 Meeting with Mattel Toy Company
12/13/2013 Meeting with Hasboro Toy Company
12/20/2013 Completed Video Game Design document – prototype development started.
12/21/2013 Meeting with Montana Grizzly Encounter re: hiring the service of Brutus the grizzly bear
01/13/2014 Meeting with horse wrangler Brett Sorenson
01/20/2014 Meeting with sound and lighting department
02/01/2014 Meeting with distribution company
02/12/2014 Rick Tucker expresses an interest in joining the production team
03/05/2014 Taylor Mills expresses an interest in joining the production team
03/12/2014 Engaged Director Joseph Stachura
04/16/2014 Meeting with Terfloth and Tatanka Bars re: promotional campaign
04/26/2014 Director’s revision to script completed
05/07/2014 John Danylkiw expresses an interest to join the production team
05/30/2014 Tony Jukes joins the financing team
06/03/2014 Karin Held join the script writing team and becomes the German Representative of Winnetou Productions
06/07/2014 to 06/17/2014 Attended annual Sundance with Director Joseph Stachura, American Indian Consultant Pearl Means and Photographer Sage Paisner
06/29/2014 Indiegogo Crowd Funding starts
07/06/2014 Received invitation to present Winnetou – The Beginning to the Karl May Festival in Germany
08/02/2014 Karin Held presents our film project at the Karl May Festival in Berlin, Germany