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Location Scouting at the Wild Horse Sanctuary

September 29th, 2013


White mustang
Photo Karla R. LaRive
Sept 2013 — at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

A big thank you to Karla LaRive and Susan Watt at the South Dakota Wild Horse Sanctuary for guiding Steve Howell (DP), Heimo Ritzinger (Cinematographer) and Angelia Baldwin (Executive Producer) through an amazing scouting expedition for our film Winnetou – The Beginning .

For 25 years the Wild Horse Sanctuary staff has provided a safe haven, love and most importantly a chance for these horses to live free.

Please help support the work that is being done by visiting the Wild Horse Sanctuary or visit the web site here

Please sponsor one of these amazing animals.

Karl May’s Winnetou I

… He wanted to say more but instead pointed to the mountains at the north end of the prairie. One horse had appeared … a single, lone horse. It ran slowly forward without grazing, throwing its head this way and that and sniffing the air with flaring nostrils. …