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Tatanka Means expresses interest in playing the role of Winnetou

August 31st, 2012


Tatanka Means is an actor, motivational guest speaker, and stand-up comedian from Chinle Arizona. Tatanka represents the Oglala Lakota, Omaha and Navajo Nations. Most recently Tatanka has been cast to take in a leading role in the feature film, Tiger Eyes, by writer and author Judy Blume. His accomplishments include playing such notable roles as Lakota Chief Crazy Horse in the TNT epic mini-series, Into the West, acting opposite of Virginia Madsen in the Disney ABC television show, Scoundrels. He appeared in the horror/thriller from Lionsgate, The Burrowers, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and worked on the PBS series, We Shall Remaindirected by award winning director, Chris Eyre.

Tatanka has taken on the world of stand-up comedy. He has been performing nationally touring with the amazingly talented popular group of comedians, 49 Laughs Comedy. Tatanka is now spreading laughs and smiles with his stand-up comedy entertaining sold-out audiences at conferences, colleges, schools and casinos. When he is not filming or speaking at schools, Tatanka performs comedy full time all over North America. He is also the co-founder of the popular comedy group, 49 Laughs Comedy.

In the world of entertainment, there are no guaranteed jobs. In the world of Tatanka Means, forging the path less traveled and seizing opportunities has always been his recipe for success. As a Native American entertainer, Means knows that opportunities come few and far between. Because of which, he has always kept his doors wide-open and taken advantage of the opportunities provided to him. Acting in films, speaking engagements, emceeing events and stand-up comedy are all areas that have propelled him full speed ahead. Tatanka was recently recognized and awarded with the 2011 Entrepreneur of The Year
Award at the American Indian Business Leaders national conference. A high honor and great accomplishment for this young businessman.

For the past years Tatanka has been invited to speak at schools and events across the country. His speaking engagements have taken him to Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Idaho, North Dakota and Oklahoma to name a few. Tatanka’s speaking engagements had him returning to his hometown of Chinle Arizona to speak at the 50th Anniversary of the Chinle School District. “It is important for me to return home to my community. I want to make my people proud by being a strong positive role model for our youth” states Means, “Which is why I have made the conscious decision to try and lead by example by living totally drug and alcohol free.”

Tatanka has even developed his own line of clothing, Tatanka Clothing. Apparel designed and created by Tatanka is to uplift and inspire cultural awareness. Great reviews from online publications and fan support continues to fuel the artistic drive for this popular clothing company.

Tatanka’s ambition and perseverance has taken him from his home on the reservation to traveling across the country. He has become a much-needed role model for all American Indian youth. You can expect to see more great work from this talented young entertainer.