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One can Learn a Lot from American Indians

February 21st, 2011

Gojko Mitic as Winnetou

Actor Gojko Mitic (70) urged Western Europeans to greater material modesty. The American Indians are a suitable model. “One can learn a lot from Indians. They’ve taken from nature only what they needed – never more”, said Mitic, the actor of numerous Eastern block Indian films, in Leipzig on Monday …

Yes, indeed! Having spent but a short time among the American Indians I experienced their oneness with nature and their generosity. Sadly though the white man’s greed puts national interest ahead of the rights that our indigenous population should enjoy. This insidious desire to accumulate wealth is encroaching on the very territories that should be off limits. History has shown how treaties were made and broken and how our indigenous population has been driven from the very land where their ancestor’s lie buried. Mr. Mitic’s admonition should be contemplated, and Karl May’s Winnetou should also serve as an example of how we should live our lives.