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June 19th, 2010

Steven Lewis Simpson is director, producer, musician and editor who started his film career working for the legendary Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures. He has directed the feature Ties (best film at the Cherbourg Festival of British Film), the documentary Timor Timor, the action feature The Ticking Man and its sequel Retribution. His latest feature, Rez Bomb, is the first universal story set on an American Indian reservation. His documentary, A Thunder-Being Nation, filmed over seven years on Pine Ridge Reservation, will be released soon.

Preview the trailer here

I had the honor to meet the charismatic Steven Lewis Simpson, writer, director and producer, at the Sundance 2010 ceremony, spending a week with him, mostly beside a roaring fire, which we tended even as the rain fell from the heavens. Steven’s energy and enthusiams is contageous, his deep feelings for the Lakota Indians and his understanding of their plight is beautifully expressed in his movie ‘REZ BOMB’. Although fictional, it has a ring of truth to it. Many desire to break away from the Reservation Life, many try to find their way in this world, many succumb to the presures of society, join gangs, deal in drugs and seek easy solutions to life’s problems. But there is more to life than money – and this lesson is depicted in this love story, which is indeed a twist on Romeo and Juliet – it is a tale that echoes the sentiments so beautifully expressed in ‘Love Story’ – namely ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry.’