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Happy Birthday, Karl!

February 25th, 2010

Karl May was born on the 25th February 1842 and, sadly, departed this world on the 30th March 1912 before he could write the culminating work he had planned.

We hope that we can fulfill but a small part of his dream with the work that the many dedicated translators have accomplished to date.

Karl May  explains his vision thus;

I want my readers to stop regarding life as a merely material existence. This view is a prison for them, beyond the walls of which they are unable to see, unable to behold the sunny, free, wide land. They are prisoners, but I want to free them.

What greater honor can we bestow upon Karl May than to ignore the ‘gold bug’ and the itch that drives us to ‘edit’ or use his work for personal profit? If the key to freedom is contained in his words, than our ‘filing away’ at them will surely keep humanity a prisoner of this material world.

His mission and ours is therefore obvious.  We desire that his call ‘Et in terra pax!’ rings loud and clear.

In celebration of his 168th birthday, we commission this new Production Company and hope that we can make his vision for this world a reality.



  • Bill says on: February 26, 2010 at 6:10 am


    Karl May and his writings were part of my life since the early years until mature age. It is my hope and wish his views will stay part of the emotinal makeup of young people to come.

    Men like Karl May are seldom born in one generation and often not recognized as such until much later. His call for ‘Peace on Earth’ has never been more wished for than in our times.

    Karl May and his writings should not be forgotten by posterity.

  • admin says on: February 26, 2010 at 9:54 am


    It is indeed as Karl May wrote in his Autobiography

    When I say that I wanted to write for the people, I mean mankind in general, no matter how young or how old they may be. But not every one of my books is meant for every person. And yet again, it is for every human phase, one after another, depending on the stage of development, depending on how much older and more experienced he has become, depending on whether he has gained the ability to understand and to comprehend the content of my work. My books shall accompany him through his entire life. He shall read them as a boy, a youth, an adult, an old man, at every age, he shall read what corresponds to the experience level he has gained. He shall do all this slowly, with thoughtfulness and consideration. He, who reads my books indiscriminately and too quickly, is perhaps to be pitied; but at any rate, perhaps my books are to be pitied more! He who abuses them, shall not hold me or them responsible, but only himself.