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A Letter from the Producers

December 20th, 2014

The Producers
Angelia Baldwin – Producer
Michael M. Michalak – Co-Producer/Script Writer

We herewith present a project of incredible scope and potential. “Winnetou – The Beginning” is a feature film with a unique insight into the soul of mankind. At its heart are two men of different cultures, and yet, these two men struggle for identical goals in ways that are defined by their race and their society. Both must face the vagaries of life and their own limitations, as we all must do on our journey from the cradle to the grave.
As filmmakers, it is our task to translate this tale into a visual experience that inspires the audience as much as it has us.
Why are we so enthused about this project? Our excitement is driven by a powerful story penned more than a century ago, now finally presented via an irresistible visual medium just as the original author would have wished it.
Great films always echo familiar human themes but strive to present them in new, more appealing ways. Such films are built with familiar constructs and yet they tap into our deepest convictions with intense intimacy.
Because great films demand our attention and emotional investment, we, as viewers, expect that these films entertain us and give us a deeper message, a mystery, a solution and a new truth about ourselves. We all seek these human truths from all the films we view because they are the new medium that fuel our dreams and aid us in sharing our common dream.
But films do much more than this. They allow us to critically perceive our everyday lives. In times of political and social instability, when the world appears to be disjointed, visual art takes on a powerful role. It becomes an agent of democracy and it bridges the chasms that language so often creates for us. Its fierce insistence on a self-critical vision is essential to the future of all our nations.
As producers, we take our role as storytellers very seriously. “Winnetou – The Beginning” is a timeless tale, which we present in a manner not previously displayed to an audience. We believe we have, for the first time, done justice to the great German author, Karl May, who long ago stated that he identified himself with mankind who is suffering as he had suffered. He was of the firm opinion that: “Humanity has lost its soul; consequently its spirit commits fallacies that can not be corrected until the lost soul is found again.”
We search for this lost soul in this film. We portray this quest via universal archetypes and display their joys, their fears, their laughter and their pain, each antagonist in their own manner as dictated by their race, learning and culture.
From the beginning, the books, the script and this film have been a labor of love, a project dedicated to the original author and his iconic characters. No other film project has felt so essential, so necessary, for our time. Until now, the new generation has been denied a film that depicts these timeless characters that Karl May created in his search of mankind’s lost soul.
Young people need examples to follow. They need heroes and villains to prepare them for the realities of life. We provide such examples, and such heroes along with expansive vistas, fantastic scenery, touching tenderness, forcefulness, heart-rending music and great acting.
We hope you will join us and become a part of this monumental project.
Angelia Baldwin Michael M. Michalak
Producer Co-producer / Script Writer